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Introducing PB Waterdrop, PhD

Our resident water expert, Puritas Beverages (or PB for short) Waterdrop can be found whereever you see Puritas brands. PB is always happy to share tips and information about the health benefits of drinking beverages that Hydrate, Oxygenate, Replenish and Nourish your body.

"Hello Kids ... and kids of all ages!! Welcome to your very own Water Wise Kids Zone. Check back often to play games, learn fun and interesting facts about water, hydration and more. We even have contests for you, with great prizes and surprises ... and don't forget to join our Kids Fun Zone Club so you won't miss out on any of the fun things I have planned for you!!"

Fun Water Fact #1
Your entire body needs water to work efficiently

Water helps you digest food which in turn is converted into energy. Water regulates your body temperature, keeps your mouth moistened, and helps maintain muscle tone.

Fun Water Fact #2
As temperatures change, so does your need for water

During extreme weather months and anytime you are running a high temperature, it is important to keep your body properly hydrated. Evaporation of perspiration from your skin helps cool you down, but water is lost during the process. It's important to replenish that water - otherwise your body can overheat.

Fun Water Fact #3
Hydration is the key to good health and fitness

Soft drinks won't do it. Fruit juices won't do it. Even milk won't do it. Nothing hydrates your body like water. But how absorbable is your water? Puritas Organic Gold hydrates faster and more completely than tap water or most bottled waters.

Our Summer Fun Contest


Start those creative juices flowing!

Design and submit your favorite original artwork (hand made or digital), writing (poem or story), or live performance, featuring Puritas Organic Gold, for a chance to win prizes, including $450 in savings bonds. Submissions will be accepted September 1st-December 15th, and will be judged based on age and originality.

Voting will take place via our FaceBook page so be sure to "like" us so your votes will count. Favorites will be posted beginning December 1st for "early voting", and updated weekly. Highest weekly vote-getters and weekly staff favorites will receive Puritas Fun Packs and will advance to final voting, December 15th.

Overall highest vote-getters (each category) will receive $100 savings bond and will secure a coveted spot in our online "Kids Zone Hall of Fame", second places will receive $25 savings bond, overall staff favorites will receive $25 savings bond. Entry forms and full details will be posted online September 1st.

Get Creative, Have Fun, Drink Puritas!