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2-U-Neek is a pop and rnb entertainment group that consist of twins Ashley and Ashton.2-U-Neek is originally from San Antonio, Texas but have located out to Los Angeles, CA. to pursue their music and acting goals.

2-U-Neek are members of The Recording Academy as well as are represented by ASCAP for their songwriting. 2-U-Neek has released a full length cd entitled The Birth, which earned them a Grammy Entry and are releasing an EP entitled Lifted. Their music is family friendly and appeals to a diverse group of ethnicities and ages.2-U-Neek has booked shows to open or pre show for Disneys Raven, Jonas Bros, and Beyonce and more. 2-U-Neek writes their own songs and are very hands on with their career. 2-U-Neek is always at work creating new music as well as showcaseing their acting skills on tv and film projects. Be on the look out for Supa Twins 2-U-Neek.